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Power Your Contactless Sales Online with Hotelogix Web Booking Engine 2.0


Contactless Sales Online with Hotelogix Web Booking Engine 2.0

The world has changed over the last six months. Many of the things that travelers and hotels took for granted are no longer possible in the new normal. To help ensure safety and to comply with the demand to handle the increased health concerns, hotels are starting to use contactless hospitality features. To help incorporate these changes, companies are looking to options like Hotelogix.

Web Booking Engine 2.0 has the potential to help drive more direct traffic to your hotel’s website while providing the guests with a true contactless experience. Having direct traffic and direct bookings is a huge benefit. It means you will not have to pay any commissions on booking, as you would when people book through third-party sites.

The system provides an easier way to market, allowing you to present and sell your rooms through your site. You can also let the visitors to your site know exactly what types of preventative measures your hotel is taking. This helps to give them some peace of mind when they are traveling. You will find that it can help to build stronger relationships directly with the guests, which can increase their loyalty to your hotel and brand.

A Host Of New Features Of Web Booking Engine 2.0

Of course, you are likely wondering just what types of features are available with the booking engine. There are many fantastic features with this one-stop dashboard. It allows for fasts availability checking, instant booking, confirmations, and more. The system is a perfect addition to hotels of all sizes. Let’s get a closer look at the new features.

Showcase the Hotel and Room in Photos

One of the best ways to get more people through the doors of the hotel is to provide a visual experience when they are searching for a hotel. This lets them see the rooms they will be getting.

  • Create photo slideshows of the room
  • Have a slideshow for each room type
  • Provide a slideshow of areas of the hotel outside of the room

You want to provide your website visitors with enough information about your hotel to get them to make a decision and book a room. One of the best ways to do that is by providing some photos of the hotel and the rooms. You do not want to have the same boring photos that are so common with hotel websites. When you use Hotelogix, you can create photo slideshows to provide a large number of images for the guests to see. You can show photos of the various room types to give the customers a look at exactly what they will be getting. This improved visual experience will be appreciated by those who visit your site. It can also help people to book right away.

Direct Booking is Easier

Using Web Booking Engine 2.0 from Hotelogix helps to increase direct bookings, which can offer a range of benefits.

  • No longer share profit with a third party
  • Customers typically get better prices, while the hotel still gets more money
  • More control over the online guest experience providing them with options and incentives
  • More customer data for better marketing in the future

Easier Booking for Hotel and Guests

Ensuring the bookings are as easy and as clear as possible is essential for the visitors, as well as for the hotel.

  • Provide discounts, promo codes, deals, and other add-on services
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-language support
  • Visual calendar to check the hotel’s availability
  • Multi-room bookings
  • Best available rate recommendations
  • Personalize booking consoles for guests, corporate entities, and travel agents to easily manage their accounts
  • Upsell packages and extra services
  • Customizable reservation and confirmation emails
  • Provide clear booking and cancellation policies
  • The single-screen platform is responsive and can be integrated easily into the hotel’s website

Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits:

A great way to get people to stay at the hotel is by offering deals. Rather than just changing the prices, you can use the strikethrough feature. This is a simple feature that indicates the good deals you have available for the rooms. Customers can see the old pricing and the current deal. Seeing deals like this, particularly with strikethrough pricing, makes them think that it’s a limited offer, so they should book quickly. With the direct booking, you can easily offer deals, discounts, and provide promo codes to guests that are usable on your site.

With the new Web Booking Engine 2.0, it is also possible to offer multi-language support and support for multiple currencies. You can provide the best available rate recommendations for guests, let them know about the room, and more. One of the other nice benefits is the visual calendar. This allows people on your site to see whether there are rooms available during certain dates, and which types of rooms are available when they need to travel. The system also allows for multi-room bookings. This could be helpful for those who are booking for several people in their office, or for large families that may need several rooms. Booking the rooms at the same time ensures that customers get all of the rooms needed at the same time, so they do not have to worry about rooms selling out while waiting for other people in their group to book.

With Web Booking Engine 2.0, hotels will find that it is also easier to upsell packages and extra services. It is possible to put these deals in front of the potential customers who visit the site to let them know about the other options that are available to them. Doing the upselling at this point and ensuring that the customers are clear on all of the options available to them is appreciated. Many find that the addition of these features helps to make upselling even easier.

Many hotels have found that customers want to know about the booking and cancellation policies of the hotel as soon as possible. It’s important to be sure you are clear on all of your policies upfront, so the customers can decide whether to book with you or not.

Another nice feature of the new engine is the ease with which you can customize your reservation and confirmation emails. This allows them to be personalized for various customers. Personalization at this level helps to improve the customer relationship and can increase loyalty. Further marketing efforts reaching out to those customers are more likely to end up booking in the future.

The system allows personalized booking consoles for guests, travel agents, and corporate entities, making it possible to easily manage their accounts. There are many wonderful features with Hotelogix. In a world where everyone is trying to limit contact with one another in person, the new features help to make it an ideal option to consider. Your customers will appreciate limiting contact with the staff of the hotel, and it can help to improve the safety of your guests and those who are working at the hotel.

A Better Way To Do Business Today

There is a single screen booking platform that you can integrate right into your hotel website. The customers will love that they can do everything they need to book a room through your website without needing to contact anyone. It is fast and easy for them, and this helps to increase their chance of booking at your hotel. Knowing that they can essentially eliminate the contact they have with the staff at the hotel, or at least cut it down drastically, will help people to feel better and safer about traveling.

The new normal can be frightening, certainly. However, even though some of the ways that hotels are doing business, you can still thrive when you are adjusting and making the necessary changes. Hotelogix and the new features found with the Web Booking Engine 2.0 make it easy for you. You will want to check out the other features of the system to see how it can help your business now and in the future.

Your Hotel Can Still Thrive With The Right Adjustments

There is no doubt that we are living in a strange time. Travel has been affected greatly, and it may be this way for some time to come. Yet, there is still a need to travel for a host of different reasons. People may need to visit family. Others may need to travel for work. Some might be looking for a getaway that will serve as a respite for the struggles they are facing. Having a hotel that can meet their needs and ensure they are safe is more essential than ever.

As you have seen from the information above regarding the Web Booking Engine 2.0 from Hotelogix, there are ways to continue to do business. You simply need to rethink the way that you are running various aspects of the property. Take the time to consider the ways that using Hotelogix could benefit your hotel. No matter the size of the property, you will find that it can make a positive difference.

It is time that you brought this technology to your hotel. When combined with all of the other features of Hotelogix, Web Booking Engine 2.0 could be just what you need to help your hotel thrive in this new world.

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