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Move Over: 5 Benefits of Cloud-Based PMS


Cloud Based PMSAs technologies advance, the old makes way for the new. Some individuals may be inclined to hang on to what they are comfortable with, but they won’t advance if they don’t make room for the best and brightest. With property management systems (PMS) in the hotel industry, there has been a notable shift to the new and improved cloud-based system from the old legacy system.

When it comes to PMS, clouds have it in the bag. Beating out the old legacy systems in many categories, cloud PMS are:

  1. Safe. There is no risk in losing your saved information if there is damage to the hardware. You won’t lose any valuable room information, book keeping stats or employee data after a crash or ruined hardware. All your information, records and data are stored on the cloud so you won’t lose them. The cloud is also very secure and your data is not at risk of hacking. The system will also automatically back up all your information.
  2. Accessible anywhere. Because the cloud PMS uses the Internet to store information and data, you and your employees can access the information from any computer, tablet or smartphone. If you need to check a few housekeeping stats after you’ve already left the property for the day, you can easily log in to the cloud from your home device with the proper login information.
  3. Adaptable system. When you’re not dealing with hardware, updates are simple. The software can be programmed to automatically update itself with any changes or new features that may be helpful to your property. You can customize the interface to house only what is pertinent to your property.
  4. User-friendly. Cloud-based systems are easy to use and set up. Because they are run through the Internet, there is no need to maintain disks of software or go through confusing instillation steps. Cloud-based systems can help users troubleshoot on the spot.
  5. Cheap. Onsite legacy PMS require a lot of setup costs and an experienced technician to maintain the server. With removing the hardware and labor costs alone, the price drops drastically.