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Are You Motivating Your Hotel Staff To Perform Better?

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Are You Motivating Your Hotel Staff To Perform BetterA recent study pointed out that the hospitality industry exhibits high turnover rates, as high as 95% for certain hotel properties. This high turnover rate costs the hospitality industry several billion dollars per year, globally. The hotel staff that fuels this industry is constantly expected to deliver impeccable services while being polite and welcoming. Truth is – being a part of the hospitality industry is not a cakewalk and it can make anybody a little hot under their collars compared to other jobs.

How to motivate hotel staff?

Retaining a loyal hotel staff involves an investment of motivation, dedication and devotion of the hotel management higher-ups. The blue print of the hotel management should involve a firm agenda that motivates the existing employees as well as prepares them to face the challenges in their day-to-day tasks.

Set growth parameters

When hiring for a specific position in the hotel staff, it motivates the individual to know and assess his/her growth curve in the organization. The reminder of incentives and intermittent bonuses can buoy anybody’s job perspective.

Offer competitive growth

Set growth targets and dole out incentives to the staff who outshine the rest to achieve the goal. Healthy competition pays well for any industry; prizes are like tiny baits. The need to rally, to build growth in the hotel business can motivate your staff to earn more bonuses.

Prepare them for the challenge

In case your hotel staff feels like a lamb on a sacrificial pyre, it is not going to help in achieving employee support. Hotel employees should be trained to handle the events and pressures of their day-to-day tasks. Given that the hospitality industry works on person to person interaction, it is demanding for any person to continue to be polite, courteous and well-mannered at all points of the job. Conduct regular counselling sessions, training camps and casual meetings to gauge and motivate your hotel staff.

Remember that it is Human Science and not Rocket Science

Hospitality industry is primed as the one of the best-polished professions, wherein presentability and approachability can go a long way to earn goodwill, appreciation and loyalty. Given that this profession delves on person to person interaction, it can heavily involve investment of emotions and physicality of your hotel staff. Keeping your hotel staff polished, congenial and brimming is the biggest factor to bring out the best in them. Give your hotel staff ample time to interact and develop a sense of belonging and significant role-play in the organization.

There is no better motivator than knowing how much you are valued in an organization. Giving your hotel staff the impetus to perform better, and gaining their trust and loyalty is a pivotal part of your hotel management. As the management, you can ease their day-to-day tasks by implementing certain property management tools and recommending the best practices in the industry. From the front desk operations to the housekeeping department, hotel staff should feel motivated to be on their toes 24/7 and still maintain a smile on their face. Make sure your hotel work policies give your employees both growth, success and fulfillment in their jobs.