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Is there a free hotel management software?

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

Free Hotel Property Management Software

“The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot — it can’t be done.”
John Ruskin

Before we get into the question – is there a free hotel management software, let us understand why as a hotelier, you are looking for such a product. There could be two reasons for it –

  1. 1. Mostly, you might want to address some of your temporary or short-term hospitality technology-related requirements.
  2. 2. Or, it could also happen, that you are under the impression that all the leading hotel management software are expensive.

Now, let’s come back to the main question and dive deeper into it. The first reason as mentioned above – if your need for a free hotel management software is based on your temporary requirements.

Yes, there are free hotel management software or hotel property management system (Hotel PMS) available in the market. But the bigger question that arises here is – can a free hotel management software really help you manage your overall hotel operations? Even if you adopt one such free cloud Hotel PMS for a short-term requirement, will you get to see the desired result? And, what about your long term goals?

The answer is a big NO.

Mainly because such free hotel property management system will lack many operationally imperative features and functionalities that help you automate and streamline your complex hotel operations. To the maximum extent, with its basic features, it can act as a room booking software and can help you with your reservation related activities. But then what about other areas of your operations?

Here are few more important areas of your hotel operations that can’t be addressed by a free hotel PMS –

  1. The free hotel management system will not allow you to manage housekeeping status from the front desk
  2. You might not get access to reports that are crucial for you to make data-driven decisions
  3. There will be no real-time flow of information within departments
  4. You might not be able to setup multiple POS outlets
  5. There will be no guarantee of data protection
  6. You can’t connect your property to OTAs via a channel manager, meaning you can’t sell more via online channels
  7. It might not come with a booking engine
  8. The free cloud Hotel PMS will lack integration capabilities with other third-party hospitality solutions
  9. Most importantly, with a free hotel management system, support can also be an issue

And many more…

Now let’s look at the second reason – that you perceive all leading hotel management system as costly or expensive. However, in reality, this is not true. There are many cloud hotel PMS that are robust and efficient, yet quite cost-effective.

For example – you run a 30-room independent hotel in the United States and you are aware of the usefulness of a Hotel PMS System. You must have done your research and come across some of the Hotel PMS systems that can really burn a hole in your pocket. So here, the price of the PMS is a major concern for you. In this case, you will look for a free hotel management software, right?

But what if we say that there are many Hotel PMS, mainly cloud-based ones, in the market that can help you and not cost a fortune. Would that interest you?

Hotelogix comprehensive Hotel PMS can be the answer you are looking for.

Let’s consider this scenario –

You are looking for a hotel PMS to manage your 30-room property in the United States and your average room rate (ARR) per day is around $80..

In today’s digital travel world, when an increasing number of travelers are booking hotels via OTAs, you may also want to grab your share of bookings. Plus, you might even want to sell more rooms via your website to save on OTA commission.

Looking at your requirements, you can adopt Hotelogix cloud PMS that comes integrated with a channel management software. This integration will help you distribute your rooms and rates across all OTAs in real-time. It helps you increase your online visibility and will get you more OTA bookings. It can help you avoid overbooking and double booking. Moreover, we will also help you with a web booking engine so that you can drive more direct bookings via your hotel website.

What could be the cost of this bundled offering?

Since you have a 30-room hotel, with average room rate at $80, your cost calculation will be –

Going by $6 per room, your monthly subscription comes to $6 x 30 = $180

This means, you are just paying $6 per day. This daily PMS cost is nothing when compared to your daily room rate that is $80.

That’s it. You are getting a world-class cloud PMS at just $6 a day! Is this not a cost-effective proposition for your business?

Moreover, with Hotelogix, you get a 15-day DIY free trial. Use it for 15 days and see the difference. You can access the PMS and your hotel data from anywhere and anytime you want to. During this DIY free trial period, you get to use 100% PMS features, no limitations, no restrictions. Not only this, while you are experiencing the free trial our consultants will call you and help you setup your hotel. Once you go through this experience you will know for sure the limitations that a completely free PMS has Vs Hotelogix.

Here is how you can sign up to Hotelogix 15-day Free Trial in a few simple steps:

Free Hotel Property Management Software

To experience this live, register now.

Independent hoteliers in the United States using our PMS vouch for its ease-of-use and our prompt support. Our cloud PMS has helped many of them save on man-hours, sell more rooms via OTAs and their website while increasing their overall revenue.

Here’s a customer success story that will convey the message to you:– Ohio-based property Fountain Inn has seen a 30% increase in its revenue since implementing Hotelogix PMS. In another case, Hotelogix PMS has also helped Utah’s Hat Rock Inn witness a 20% growth in its revenue.

Free Hotel Property Management Software