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[Infographic]Ten Things City Hotels Need to know When Choosing a Hotel Property Management System

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

cloud based hotel management system

The selection of an appropriate hotel management system can be a tricky one for hoteliers. With the market flooded with innumerable options, it’s easy to feel a little unsure about the kind of hotel management system one is looking for. Every hotel property has a different set of amenities and caters to varied target groups. While the leading names in the hospitality industry have already moved towards using hotel property management system (hotel software) for automating their daily functions, the small and mid-sized owners are left in a state of debate.

You, as a city hotel owner/manager, must be sure before narrowing down on a hotel management system. If your hotel property is still being run via manual data entry processes, or on-premise systems, there’s a whole lot of convenience (and of course, revenue) you are missing. Read on for more details on choosing the right hotel property management system.

Why Cloud-Based Hotel Management Systems?

Almost every business runs on the cloud, and the hospitality industry is fast catching up. In the recent times, travelers have begun expecting quick service with a touch of personalization. Hoteliers who run hotel properties in the city need to scale up to embrace the latest in technology. The use of technology need not be as complex as it sounds, and cloud-based systems are here to simplify your hotel management duties with a focus on smart hoteliering.

1) Cloud-based hotel software saves time spent on manual updates
2) No investment required for IT maintenance and support
3) Access to a single dashboard to control all functions
4) Easy connection with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to manage room rates, availability, etc.
5) Allows integration with channel managers
6) Professional support at all hours
7) Smart and seamless experience for all
8) Pay-as-you-go service, upgrade easily, quick installation

There are many benefits of shifting your city hotel business to the cloud and the list is indeed endless. But, selecting a hotel property management system is not an easy task. Let’s check out how to select a cloud-based hotel management system, the list of parameters and features which should be at the top of your checklist.

Features of a Hotel Management System:

hotel property management system

1) Must automate hotel operations

The system must easily automate operations for housekeeping, front desk, reporting, Point of Sale (POS) systems, and more. The critical functions should be rolled into one single system.

2) Should provide ease of access

A single dashboard that allows your team members to collaborate and manage without errors should be one of the topmost priorities. The hotel management system should be accessible from anywhere, anytime.

3) Should allow unlimited users

Any hotel’s staff numbers may increase or decrease. The chosen hotel management system must allow flexibility to modify number of users for no additional cost.

4) Connect with channel managers

Hotel software that can integrate with major channel managers allow hoteliers to manage inventory in real-time, without double booking issues.

5) Capture and analyze guest details

Cloud-based hotel software which can gather and store guest information, preferences and details that help to predict and analyze customer behavior should be most-preferred. This greatly facilitates guest service excellence

6) Offer security of data, payment gateway

Select a hotel management software which includes secure card payments. One with a choice of integrated payment gateways is a must-have.

7) Strong after-sales support

The chosen cloud-based hotel software must have a strong and reliable after-sales support. A 24 X 7 service is a must for any issues faced.

8) 3rd Party integrations

The hotel software must integrate seamlessly with other applications. An own web booking engine, TripAdvisor connects, Booking Suite, Global Distribution System (GDS) connect, SnapShot, and more are a must to manage a hotel’s operations and sales.

9) Detailed reports

Your hotel software must provide detailed reports and audit trails of various departments (e.g. housekeeping, POS, accounts, etc.) Reports must give a deeper insight on the revenue generation.

10) Multiple features

A hotel management system must include unlimited POS (for no extra charge), offer multi-language support, a currency convertor, and should be available as a pay-as-you-go service.

hotel property management system