Improve Hotel Operations with Automation and Online Learning

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

how to improve guest services in a hotel

There is no doubt that the hospitality industry emphasizes personalization and a positive customer experience. Though there are many unmanned hotels in airports and cities around the globe, the majority of travelers prefer a human-to-human experience at the time of check-in, and whenever they need to request services or changes to their reservations. And that is only one part of the world of hotel operations.

The good news is that hotel owners and operators, regardless of the type of property, can benefit from automation, and in ways they may not expect.

A Simple Example

Take self-learning modules that can walk you through the process of training your hotel staff to utilize a software that streamlines on areas of operation. Such an engine is meant to be a wonderfully efficient way to “learn by doing,”. Plus, it rewards trainees with credits to use towards the purchase of the software that they are mastering along the way.

Software Advice, a leading industrial software expert, indicates that the use of cloud-based hotel property management systems are increasingly on the rise. Whether it is to book reservations, for checking in or out, dealing with housekeeping, and many other tasks, these tools enhance the guest experience. Certainly, they optimize employee time at work and eliminate tedious or error-prone steps, but they also ensure that employees are able to give full attention to their guests and not the computer screens in front of them.

While some turn to attended software, i.e. software that guides in real-time, most agree that it is adequate training that is more important. This is what frees up the front desk staff to deliver the kind of attention that really sells the service. After all, the front desk staff is often some of the busiest and most active; being asked for off-the-cuff or last-minute tasks, and they cannot wait around for software to guess their needs.

Instead, they can turn to options like “in time training” that eliminates the need for classroom seminars, e-learning modules, or implementation and then on-the-go training. Rather, it offers robust answers as needed. For example, the ACE might bring the user a popup that points to the most logical next step or continually navigate them through the software. The goal of any hotel property management systemshould be to provide customers with flawless and faster service, but also ensure hotel operations go smoothly.

Choose Software Designed for Growth

Hotelogix is a leading cloud-based Hotel Property Management System that only recently created and launched ACE (Automated Coaching Engine). Meant to enable on-the-go training, it helps to also make employee training a continuous process that is both intuitive and effective. Hotel owners and operators can try before buying, using the ACE that rewards them for each task completed. Walk through the program, learn about such functions as front desk operations and single reservations, payment and billing, group reservations, room operations, and setting up a hotel in the software, and get paid in credits that can be redeemed at the time the software is subscribed. Reward yourself for learning whether or not this cloud-based solution is for you, and see how efficient operations can become with a single, simple choice.

Few hoteliers can have the entire staff out for training days, even when updates or changes in the software will help to streamline operations. With the use of software that allows learners to engage in far more active learning, while also being prompted to tackle useful tasks along the way, this effectively eliminates such risks.

The hospitality industry, sadly, experiences high employee turnover and so it is up to the hotelier to ensure that employees have the solutions they need to do the best job as fast as possible. An ACE, like that offered to Hotelogix clients, includes the kind of automation needed to truly jump-start any business, and through the safety and stability of the cloud.

With features that enable flawless front desk operations, it also has web booking, modules for maintenance and housekeeping, payment solutions, reputation management tools, back office, and accounting tools, and so much more.

Don’t turn to cold and austere solutions in automation when you can empower front desk staff with easy to learn and intuitive software that lets them direct attention where needed – to your guests.

how to improve guest services in a hotel