How To Get Corporate Guests For Your Hotel

How To Get Corporate Guests For Your Hotel


Business travel has always been an important source of revenue within the hospitality industry and it continues to grow each year. Annually, there are more than 462 million domestic business trips in the United States alone and this number is expected to rise to around 500 million by 2022. Globally, business travel is expected to grow to an estimated $1.6 trillion by 2020. Business travellers around the world are planning trips and making reservations constantly.

This high rate of travel implies that business travellers can become a source of regular business for your hotel. They can help maintain a steady income for your business throughout the year since business travellers typically travel irrespective of whether certain areas have their off-season. Corporate hotel reservations can, therefore, ensure business throughout the year.

It is the perfect time for hotel properties like yours to target these corporate guests and focus aspects like hotel booking for corporate. You want to be able to find and attract new business travellers to your hotel and, you want to make sure that you keep your current corporate guests as happy as possible. The following are a list of solutions that you can use to learn how to sell hotel rooms to corporates. Implementing these solutions can help you build relationships with a corporate guest in hotels, as well as with the businesses that frequently require their staff to travel.

What Kind Of Companies You Should Target?

When marketing for corporate hotel bookings, it is important to make sure that you are targeting the right companies and individuals. Approach companies that have a relatively large staff and send their employees on work trips- to conventions, trade shows, etc. on a regular basis. Marketing corporate hotel rooms to companies that don’t need to travel is wasted time and money. Focus on the right businesses and individuals throughout your marketing efforts — both online and offline, and you will likely see greater results.

Additionally, by providing the right packages, rates and amenities can up your hotel booking for corporates and ensure a more satisfying customer experience for corporate guests. To promote corporate hotel reservations, we need to keep utility, value for money and the convenience of corporate guests in mind. A wide variety of products, services and amenities with flexible conditions during booking is more likely to appeal to a corporate guest in hotels.

What Amenities To Provide To Attract More Corporate Travelers?

It’s important to think about the amenities that are being provided at the hotel. Corporate travellers, for example, will likely need access to their business centres regularly — provision of a good WiFi or a landline is something most business travellers look for in a hotel. Many business guests will also prefer meals available at the hotel, so they can dine in rather than head out for their meals during their stay.

Also, consider some of the other types of amenities that corporate guests might enjoy such as a fitness centre, pool, spa, massage, etc. These guests would want to find ways to relax after a whole day of meetings or on a tradeshow floor. Make sure to highlight all the amenities of your hotel during marketing campaigns.

Why Providing Transportation Service Is Imperative?

Many business travellers do not want to rent a vehicle when they arrive if they don’t have to. It’s another added expense and a hassle they would prefer not to deal with. Most guests will find it inconvenient to get around a new city even if they did have a rental car.

To reduce these challenges and improve customer satisfaction you may want to consider offering transportation services. Transportation to and from the airport, shuttle service or a hired car service to get to the places they need to go during their stay can entice many corporate clients.

How To Make Check-in and Check-Out Fast and Easy?

One of the hurdles that many hotels deal with is a slow check-in and check-out process, which is also a big inconvenience to corporate guests. It is important to ensure that everything at the front desk is simple and streamlined so that the guests do not end up waiting in line any longer than they need to. Simplifying this process will give them a better impression of their experience.

Provide Area Information To Guests

Many corporate guests are going to want to have some downtime when they aren’t working. It is a good idea to have a concierge, or at least specialized staff, who can provide recommendations to guests on places to dine, areas that they might want to visit, and interesting things they could do in the city.

Create Loyalty Programs And Provide Special Offers

One of the best ways to get repeat corporate guests at the hotel is by offering loyalty programs for those who stay at the property multiple times and by providing special offers and discounts to show them that you value their patronage. Companies and individuals alike want to save money and if you can offer them special deals, they are more likely to stick with your hotel when they travel. Make sure that they are aware of these offers and programs so that they know just how much they could save by choosing you.

Remember The Guests

With the right type of software, such as Hotelogix PMS, it becomes possible to record relevant information about guests. When the guest checks in again, the software will input all previously recorded information about their history at the hotel. This can automatically apply any promotions, packages or discounts that are available for the guest. Customers like to be remembered, and it can help to build loyalty with them. The next time they travel, they are more likely to consider your hotel again.

Why You Should Consider Using Hotelogix?

Corporate hotel reservations can be made easier when you have high-quality software that can help with a number of the elements discussed above. Hotelogix is a comprehensive property management system for hotels that will allow users to quickly and easily automate many of their operations. It can help the business operate more efficiently and effectively, providing solutions to keep both the users and the guests happy. You will find that this can help with your entire hotel business, not just when it comes to corporate guests in the hotel.

The software also features a management dashboard that will allow users to track performance metrics in real-time. There is a report scheduler that can be configured to send reports to the management automatically if needed. One of the biggest benefits is the reservation management tools that it offers. The system is easy to use and the tools it offers can be used to make the experience simpler for returning guests and corporate clients, as well.

For example, it is possible to make group reservations for a group of travellers, for corporate travellers and even travel agencies under a single name or bill, which is ideal for corporate travellers who are visiting in a large group. In addition, it is possible to have returning guests info auto-filled with the history of their stay. You can apply promo codes and special offers when going through the hotel booking for corporate guests, or these can be recorded with the corporate profile within the backend of the system.

There are innumerable ways that Hotelogix can help you. Making Hotelogix a part of your business will not only help you manage operations more efficiently, but it will also help you manage your corporate hotel reservations better. Make it a point to incorporate them in your business and you will see an increase in your corporate guests.

Bottom Line

Implementing these simple solutions discussed will make it possible for you to make a difference in the way that corporate guests view your hotel. When you provide high-quality service to these types of guests, they are far more likely to book with your hotel in the future as well. This will also help increase the ratings and reviews of the hotel, which means you will be building your reputation and will have a better chance of getting more corporate customers in the future.

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