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How to Increase Hotel Bookings Through Facebook?


Facebook increases hotel bookings

“I have a great website that fetches me good leads. I also have a Facebook page that brings me enough traffic but does it bring me conversions?” This is what most hoteliers with an active Facebook page want to know.

Everyone knows that the best way to increase traffic is through SEM ads but then what happens after you stop paying for the ad? You’re back to square one. Wouldn’t you want to have an easy way or rather a free way to get traffic to your website? Here are a few tricks to increase bookings on your website, and that too for free!

Having a good page on Facebook can go a long way in presenting customers with a positive idea of your hotel and increasing your online presence.In the current market scenario, hoteliers are finding incredible gains in booking through guest loyalty programs, direct walk-in, branding, repeat guests and social media. If you have a social media page for your hotel, then you can easily increase hotel bookings to your website but you need to follow few rules in order to achieve your target:

 Promote great offers and deals: If you have any offers or special deals running that you feel can benefit your customer and in a way bring you more bookings, then make good use of it through social media. Put up a post reminding your potential customers to avail the relevant deals. Create teaser campaigns on Facebook for the offers and add a sense of urgency in your communication by lending a limited period offer angle to your posts.

Use captivating design and photos: Travelers often visit the hotel’s website from the link given on its Facebook page to learn more about the facilities and services offered. An eye-catching design on your Facebook page can capture those visitors and get them to directly book on your website. Ensure you showcase the photos of your best rooms and amenities with high-resolution images.

 “Book now” tab: Facebook has built in a very small but important feature that could make a huge difference for your hotel: The ability to add a call-to-action button to ads and posts. So make sure you have “book now” button on your page so that the visitors don’t deviate from their mission.

Start interacting with your fans: Once you have a good customer base on your social media page, make sure you interact with your fans by replying to their comments – be it positive or negative feedback, ensure that you reply in a polite tone. Many new visitors judge a hotel based on the user comments and reviews only. So make sure you interact with your customers on social media and never neglect them. Also, encourage your guests to post reviews on your Facebook page if they have had a pleasant stay.

Rewarding loyal followers: Providing special offers to your loyal fan base could work a great deal for you. Offer great savings to those who interact on your posts frequently. You can also offer gift vouchers, coupons or tickets to a local event than just restricting yourself to discounts.

Social Media is also a strategy to diversify your communication channels to consumers. With social media you are given an opportunity to communicate with your customers in a more informal manner and, if you’re an independent hotel or a small group of hotels, you can use social media to transmit a friendlier and small-business feel to your customers.