How APIs Are Becoming Game Changers For The Hotel Industry

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

api-a game changer in the hotel industry

Over the years, technology has ushered in a wide range of changes and improvements to the hotel industry. One of the technological innovations that is quickly becoming a game-changer in the hotel industry is the ‘Application Programming Interface’ (API). API facilitates for the secure transmission of data between different software applications. It helps connect the various departments and systems of the hotel within an easy to access and easy to use interface. APIs make managing a hotel much easier.

One of the best types of API to use in a hotel is the property management system, known simply as a PMS. With a robust PMS, it becomes possible to connect all your hotel technology into a single system. This includes the hotel web booking engine, your hotel mobile app and various reporting tools.

Evolution of API
APIs were created around the year 2000 and the introduction of the first API is attributed to APIs were a part of their site since their launch on Feb 7, 2000, however, they were not meant to be publicly available. eBay followed suit less than a year later and made its API available for all developers. These early uses of API showed potential, however, they were still rudimentary compared to what is available today. Over time, the APIs became more advanced and more powerful.

During the early days of their development, APIs, particularly in hotels, were often kept hidden or behind paywalls. Today, APIs are progressively becoming open. Developers have an easier time accessing them and using them to link systems together. This allows for easier access to more information and provides a user experience.

How Do APIs Work in Hotels?
One of the major questions that would come up when you think of API and hotel tech is ‘how to connect PMS API with your Hotel Technology?’ To understand the same, lets have a clear insight how API works in hotels.

A PMS should be the core of your hotel management. It is connected to other internal departments that you might have in your hotel— which include your revenue management, housekeeping, entertainment, or point of sale services. There are many different systems that can be connected like your selling and booking platforms, marketing, a channel manager, and more.

Hotels have many systems in place that all need to integrate with each other for any measure of success. It can often be challenging, from a technical standpoint, to make sure that all the systems are sharing information, are able to integrate and talk to one another.

Ideally, you would want the system to be able to sync information, such as reservations, rates, guest information, bookings, and more. There is also a wide range of interfaces— like computers, phones, or kiosks— that will need to be connected to the system in some capacity. These devices often come from different vendors as well, which can present another challenge of syncing everything to work within the same page.

With an open API, as mentioned earlier, it is easier to integrate different programs, even those that might seem complex. With well-programmed APIs, the technology in the hotel is efficient and user-friendly for anyone who may have to utilize it. When these APIs are used, it helps to improve performance within all the departments in the hotel—from the hotel web booking engine to the hotel mobile app to the management of housekeeping services, it all works in harmony.

The API allows for integration and connectivity at all levels, this was not possible a few years ago in the hotel business. Hotels that want to make these improvements available for their employees and for their guests will want to ensure they are properly integrating their PMS API with their hotel technology.

Hotelogix makes this whole process easy.

What Can Hotelogix Offer?
The Hotelogix property management system prides itself on being an all-in-one solution that will simplify operations across the board. In addition to having a wide range of features within one system, it connects with a range of third-party applications that allow users to expand on functionality. The system offers various advantages that will help improve your hotel business.

The system is cloud-based, which keeps the costs of ownership low while allowing you to automate and streamline many daily operations at the hotel or across a chain of hotels. The cloud server is highly secure, and you can also work uninterrupted through the mobile app. The hotel PMS software will also ensure that you are able to work with a range of third-party solutions. This means you can take care of business no matter where you are.

Hotelogix makes running a hotel simple and ensures that the flow of information between all the departments in the hotel is completely secure. You can manage both the front office and back office while saving time and resources. One of the best features is that you can manage the entire system from a single dashboard. The frontdesk module can be customized to suit the needs of your hotel and you can manage multiple tasks simultaneously. You will be able to assign tasks to team members, set reminders, send SMS confirmation to guests, and more.

Online and offline distribution is also made easier as you can integrate with online travel agencies and other third-party services. The PMS allows for proper management of inventory thanks to the channel management connectivity. It also manages all your bookings, making sure that you no longer worry about overbooking and double-booking rooms. The system allows users to assign room cleaning tasks to housekeeping, monitor the frontdesk, manage a range of POS outlets in the hotel, to name a few. Ultimately, this makes daily operations very efficient, when it comes to managing the property.

The API PMS will act as a hub through which other aspects of the business are managed and controlled. It connects the most pertinent parts of running the hotel to make it easier and faster to get access to the tools and the information that is needed. This allows for more efficient management of the property, which can help to improve the revenue.

Consider the Benefits of Hotelogix
It is easy to see that Hotelogix has a wealth of benefits that can make it easier to run and manage a hotel at nearly all levels. Those who are interested in using the system will want to check out the site and learn more about the various features and benefits that it can provide. It’s easy to get a closer look at the system and understand how it all works with the world’s first automated coaching engine found on our website. It could be the perfect system to add to your hotel whether you have a small property, or you are running a large hotel chain. It is reliable, simple to use, and it is effective.

api-a game changer in the hotel industry