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Hotelogix vs. Packaged Software - Resellers' Perspective

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
As Hotelogix, a cloud based hotel software is becoming extremely popular with every passing day, its prospective channel partners are realizing that reselling Hotelogix makes a lot of sense from a strategic standpoint. End customer demand for Hotelogix is sizeable, and as it gets increasingly sold through the channel, channel partners would like to be in the driving seat of this wave, developing new competencies at the same time. Besides this, there are several other incentives for Hotelogix’s channel partners. Some of them are as follows:


Move on from break-fix services to strategic services – Packaged software normally demands a lot of regular maintenance work, involving several visits on site. Since Hotelogix is a SaaS based solution, it requires no on site set up. Hotelogix addresses the main issues of its target market segment and has extensively customized its solution and services, so as to adapt well to this segment. Few initiatives in this regard are the manner in which Hotelogix introduces the system to the prospective client, the way it has structured its support system to make it very easy to use for a hotel or resort, the manner in which Hotelogix has devised its pricing module and most importantly, the simplicity behind the Hotelogix’s user interface, keeping the end user in mind. All these initiatives make it a no headache association for resellers.


Building recurring revenue stream – Since Hotelogix features a subscription payment model, channel partners stand to receive recurring revenues from the end customer, as long as customer remains associated with the company, rather than receiving only a one time commission as in the case of packaged software. Such model is cash flow friendly and results in higher aggregate revenue for as long as customer relationship exists.


Enter into a hot market without major investment – Since Hotelogix is based on a SaaS model, it doesn’t require resellers / channel partners to maintain consistent inventory, or servers. Resellers can enter into the red hot market of cloud based property management systems with almost zero capex costs.
Offer clients choice by bringing diversification in your offerings – Studies have found out that many small and mid size hotels and resorts opt for a hybrid model instead of a pure on-site IT infrastructure or pure cloud based technology. On the same lines, it makes a lot of sense for resellers / channel partners to diversify their product range to include both cloud based as well as packaged software.


Extensive support system – Unlike as in case of packaged software where the manufacturers are normally not able to do justice to regular maintenance requirements of a large base of clients, in case of Hotelogix, the company has set up a complete support system for resellers. This system helps the resellers in training their staff and sales & marketing team. The system has a very well structured resellers program which makes resellers market ready in no time.


Open vertical and horizontal cross selling opportunities – Since Hotelogix is based on cloud technology using SaaS as a delivery model, it can be used as an entry medium into organizations. The resellers can then leverage it to cross sell further cloud based services or solutions to end customers.