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Hotelogix–Unleashing the Power of Virtualization With its Cloud Offering

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Although server virtualization has always been around, its adoption by the hotel industry is a relatively new concept. Server virtualization works on the concept that a specialized software provides for effective allocation of resources on a single computer (server), its disk space, memory and computing power among different software applications, as if each one was running on its own dedicated server. This offers several advantages, including highly efficient usage of hardware. Since a large number of applications only use a small fraction of a dedicated server’s resources, such servers are usually found operating under 10% of their normal capacity. One single server normally has enough storage and power to deal with several applications at the same time. Hospitality businesses that earlier used to buy ten to twelve racks of equipment can now accommodate all their systems into just one or two, thereby decreasing the power, space and air conditioning expenses of the organization.


Virtualization also allows for on-the-fly reallocation of computing storage and/or power as required if load on a particular application increases all of a sudden. Furthermore, since backup copies are maintained on multiple machines, breakdown of one machine/server doesn’t affect the smooth operations of a hotel. In fact many vendors are of the opinion that their applications run more reliably and much faster in a virtual environment.


It for these reasons that more and more hotels are opting for cloud based property management systems. Hotelogix is rapidly being recognized as the best cloud based property management system with SaaS as a delivery model.