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Hotelogix PMS Delivers Adaptability and Flexibility for Multi-Property Owners


Hotelogix PMS features for Multi-Property Owners

Managing a single hotel is a significant challenge. However, successfully managing two or even three properties is a juggling act that all too often leads to major issues. At Hotelogix, we designed our PMS features to speak to the needs of multi-property owners just like you. It’s all about maintaining adaptability and ensuring flexibility while gaining access to critical information about all your properties in one place.

The Need for Flexibility

When it comes to PMS features for multi-property owners, flexibility should be at the top of the list. Why? Simply put, your needs vary from other property owners.

Yes, there are certainly similarities that apply across the board, but, ultimately, your needs are unique. Your property management system should be able to speak to that uniqueness and deliver the flexibility, agility, and adaptability required to achieve success in today’s world.

The Technology That Underpins Our PMS Features

Hotelogix was purpose-built to deliver key features and functionality that multi-property owners require. Those PMS features offer ease of use, but also reliability and improved efficiency, saving owners both time and money while managing all of your properties in a single platform.

Our hotel management software features deliver powerful functionality that speaks directly to the challenges your hotel group faces on a daily basis. Centralized control is perhaps the most important technological capability – you can access all the information about your hotel and control all facets from a single location. A single sign-on is all that’s needed to implement revenue management strategies for each property, or access guest history to deliver the personalized experience your guests expect and deserve.

Modern and accessible, it’s also not tied to a desktop. Owners can access information, make changes, handle TA/corporate profiles, handle room inventory, and more, all from their smartphone or tablet. It’s even possible to delve deep into your data and generate reports for individual properties, but also at the group level.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities for Small Hotel Chains

At Hotelogix, we believe that small chain owners should have the same capabilities that big brands do. That’s why we built our hotel property management software to be able to centrally manage and distribute rates across all of your online and offline sales channels. It’s also hosted on Amazon’s web servers for the data security and guaranteed uptime that your brand deserves.

Of course, our PMS also plays well with others. It is designed to integrate with the rest of your technology stack, helping your team accomplish more with less hassle. Finally, you can access a wide range of reports, but also customize them to your unique requirements.

Delivering the ROI You Deserve

When evaluating any software, it is important to understand how it will deliver a return on your investment. At Hotelogix, we offer an immediate return through a variety of solutions and capabilities. For instance, our property management system features include the ability to set and manage flexible pricing strategies designed to sell more and boost profitability.

With an increased number of bookings, your profit margin thrives. The ability to confirm bookings instantly also drives higher conversions, meaning more rooms are booked at all times. Of course, it’s also important that you’re able to access guest sentiment and make informed decisions based on that information – our analytics and reporting provide that ability for each property and the entire group. That helps you manage your brand and maintain your reputation while addressing key guest concerns in a timely manner.

The key to using our PMS features while saving your organization time and money is automation. We offer extensive automation throughout the Hotelogix PMS to save you man-hours and allow a small team to do the work of a much larger one without the corresponding hit to your bottom line.

From IT infrastructure to CapEx control and ongoing maintenance costs, we empower your group to do more while spending less time and money in the process.

Improving Collaborative Capabilities

Even if your properties operate on an individual basis, there are times that collaborative efforts are necessary. Maybe you want to set a group-wide promotion, or perhaps you need to find a way to unify your brand messaging for all your properties. Our PMS features make it simple to improve your collaborative capabilities.

At Hotelogix, we believe that information is your single most valuable asset. We make it simple to collaborate between hotels in the same group through data sharing and reporting. With better access to more accurate information, your teams can make more informed decisions, improve operability, reduce costs, and deliver the best possible guest experience.

However, it’s not just the PMS features that drive the value here. It’s the ability to create cohesive teams and bring your people closer together. Rather than feeling like separate entities, your teams become tighter knit with a single identity that makes them feel like they’re part of something bigger. That drives additional value and improves communication and efficiency even while you can reap the benefits of central control over rates and promotions.


Growth is the name of the game, and if your PMS features don’t support growth and development, your hotel management software isn’t doing its job. At Hotelogix, we want to be a part of your success and expansion by providing key capabilities when it comes to driving performance.

Each of our PMS features was designed to help you achieve and then maintain the profit margins you need for success and growth. From time savings to improving efficiency and making it possible to administer, manage, and grow a multi-property hotel group from a single place, our hospitality management system software helps you minimize costs and improve capacity.

This is particularly important today. The hospitality industry still grapples with the repercussions of COVID-19, including staff shortages, tight budgets, and murky future projections. All of that makes it more important than ever that you’re able to control cost while improving capacity and doing it all with a smaller staff than before the pandemic.

Choose Hotelogix Hotel PMS

Why choose Hotelogix as your hotel’s PMS? Our rich feature set is one reason that so many property owners opt to work with us. From the easy to use centralized dashboard to powerful revenue management tools, a central reservation office to a group MIS that allows you to view hotel data in real-time, a centralized guest history report for all your properties, and the ability to centrally add and manage TA/corporate profiles for your member properties, we stand out from other hotel PMS systems. Plus, our mobile app allows you to manage individual properties or the entire group from anywhere at any time.

Interested in what Hotelogix offers? Why not take our PMS for a test drive? Sign up now for your 15-day free trial and explore all of our features to see how they can benefit your business and ensure you’re able to better manage all of your properties, while also growing the group as a whole.