Hotelogix Customer Support Reaches 97% Efficiency, One Customer At A Time

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

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Customer support is not just about solving problems but solving them efficiently. Companies that provide an excellent level of post-purchase support tend to stay ahead of their competition and build a positive reputation in the industry. As Maya Angelou once said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

For example, one of the best scenarios of great customer support is when you respond and help your customers through different channels. If a customer has tried to reach out to you on twitter, you should be able to respond to them and provide them with a solution there. These kinds of support show how much a company is concerned about its customers.

We at Hotelogix solely believe that “Customer is King” and that is why we are standing out and thriving significantly in the industry.

Delivering Value 24/7 * 365

Since the get-go, Hotelogix has been one of the leading players in the hospitality tech industry. The company over the years has been able to help several hotels around the world in managing their operations and increasing their revenue with the most comprehensive cloud-based hotel PMS.

However, it is not just the product that has played the main role, but also the support team that works tirelessly to provide the right support post-sales.

The support team successfully resolves 80-100 emails on weekdays and 50-70 emails on weekends — on an average, the team resolves 450 – 500 emails in a week. And it is the same with chat support as well.

Despite such heavy bandwidth, Hotelogix support team through the years has managed to deliver outstanding support to each and every customer. Today, we pride ourselves on having 97% customer support efficiency (measured on certain metrics) which is far more than any other players in the space.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekday or weekend, the team is always on the go — the team works day in and day out to ensure everything at the customers’ end is working absolutely fine.

But it isn’t something we achieved overnight — there were hurdles and we had to overcome them with strategies.

From Brainstorming To Execution

In the world of SaaS solutions, the product works on a monthly payment plan for its customers, and it puts the onus of ‘par-excellence support’ on its customer support team. But then again, ‘par-excellence support’ is subjective.

But Hotelogix came up with a way to measure its customer support objectively, to track, and improve the quality of support to its end-user.

“If it can’t be measured, it can’t be improved,” says Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder at Hotelogix.
With the objective in mind, Hotelogix today tracks every customer interaction on multiple parameters such as correctness, number of iterations, tone and language etc. and associate a score to it. And not to mention, it did make wonders.

“When we started measuring our customer support, we could see the aspects where we needed to work more,” admits Mohan Roy, the head of Customer Support at Hotelogix. “We knew where to improve. With over a decade of fine tuning our quality of customer support, we today have an efficiency of 97%-98% on every interaction”.

However, while the strategy to “make everything measurable” was implemented, there was still a challenge — to motivate the team to work day in and day out to achieve the highest score possible. The job of a customer support personnel is tedious and involves a lot of pressure. Therefore, it was imperative to make the team self-motivated.

This is when Mohan decided to drive an internal state competition within the team. Every week the scores are shared with the team and the one with the highest score wins a gift. This not only brought transparency in the system but also brought the sense of being better than the rest in every team member. And it has worked incredibly for the Hotelogix support team.

Furthermore, along with the healthy state competition, Mohan also mentors everyone in the team. He ensures that everyone in the team is honest and sincere. All of these together has taken Hotelogix support team to a great height.

The Role Of QA

Talking about the success of the Hotelogix customer support, there is another team as well that has played a vital role.

Prabhash, who is the founder of the company, also credits the dedicated QA Team for getting the customer support efficiency to an impressive 97% – 98%. Hotelogix employees a team of Quality Analysts, who study, measure, and track every customer interaction — whether it’s over mail or chat, they analyse the quality of communication.

Improving upon the customer support score is a dedicated objective which is met through regular pieces of training and workshops.

“We want our CRE to handle all incoming queries with utmost professionalism and minimum number of iterations. If a customer has an issue, we try to resolve it in one go, instead of going into multiple back and forth conversations,” said Mukta Saxena, VP- Operations – Engineering at Hotelogix.


We at Hotelogix believe that the right support after sales can make a good product great. With our “making everything measurable” approach and iteratively improving and evolving customer support quality, we have reached a level where we are leading the industry with a great margin.

Hotelogix believes in being a leader not only on its strength of having the most comprehensive PMS out there but a product that its customers can bank on with its “Par Excellent” customer support.

how can hotels compete with Airbnb