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Hotelogix Commences ‘Switch to Cloud’ Awareness Campaign for Medium to Small Size Hotels


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Technology across the globe is continuously evolving and that too at an extremely rapid pace and the hospitality sector is no different. Today, hoteliers across the world are switching over to cloud based hospitality solutions to run their business better and bring definite advantages for themselves. Hotelogix, as a part of their business mission, wants to focus on empowering medium and small hotels across the globe to leverage the benefits of a cloud based hospitality solution.

Hotelogix has commenced a global awareness generation campaign and ‘Switch to cloud’ program for hotels using legacy systems to switch over to a cloud based solution, and streamline their hotel businesses.

During this campaign, Hotelogix would illustrate immediate and strategic benefits that hotels can avail by using a cloud based solution as opposed to a legacy system. To encourage the usage of Hotelogix’s cloud based hospitality solutions, they would assist the hotels in getting thorough with the solution, closely guide the hotels through the entire migration process as well as remove any barriers faced by them towards adopting a cloud based PMS.

Aditya Sanghi, CEO and co-founder of Hotelogix emphasizes, “Cloud based solutions have come off age. The technologies around them are now stable and reliable. The current day hospitality solutions need to be ‘no-compromise’ ones – seamless and efficient. On one hand, leading brands like Choice group have been adopting cloud based PMS for its member properties for quite some time now on the other hand, service providers like us have been witnessing medium to small size hotels from under developed to developed nations across the world adopt such solutions very rapidly over the past few years. Hence the death of legacy seems inevitable.”

Cloud based is the way to go. Fully automated cloud based business PMS are better equipped to increase booking revenues for a hotel and also drastically reduce operational expense. This gives instant return on investment and helps a hotelier maximize their business. Hoteliers can focus their time and energy toward creating a quality experience for their guests rather than the manual processing of data. There is no point in delaying the inevitable, switch over now!!