Top 4 Valentine’s Day ideas for hotels you must know

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

2018 valentines day ideas for hotels

While occasions such as the New Year hold tremendous potential for hoteliers to increase revenue, the month of February brings with it a fantastic opportunity to scale up hotel promotions. Your Valentine’s day hotel promotion should be aimed at maximizing revenue for your hotel brand while creating an unforgettable experience for guests. This is indeed an excellent occasion to create more than just Valentine’s Day hotel packages. Your marketing and promotional initiatives can go beyond the goal of raking in profits – this is an appropriate time to build relationships with your existing customers and attract new ones.

Guests are looking for a romantic experience. This is a golden opportunity to help them make memories and create a beautiful experience that speaks volumes about your hotel brand and the service it offers. After all, special occasions are apt to reach out to customers using impressive, creative ways and clever strategies.

 2018 valentines day ideas for hotels


Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Hotel Owners

Hotel owners and marketers can amplify Valentine’s Day marketing offers using a mixed bag of techniques to increase bookings. Valentine’s day hotel ideas aren’t just targeted to couples, hotel owners are switching gears to include singles as well!

Let’s check out some ways to cash in when love is in the air.

Offer irresistible deals

Your Valentine’s Day hotel promo for 2018 can go beyond the classic ideas that revolve around chocolates, roses and heart-shaped decor. Add great deals instead of just discounts. This is the time when discounts might seem inappropriate as couples are looking for a special setting to celebrate with their loved one. Consider a good package deal designed for couples, families with children or even singles. Partner with local travel agencies that offer a quick tour of attractions near your hotel premises. Work with local musicians to create a great Valentine’s Day combo offer. Create package deals that set the right tone for the event. Include signature gift baskets, complimentary goodies and much more to entice guests to make the final booking at your hotel. Focus on special Valentine’s day menu ideas that adds a special touch to the occasion as cuisine and ambience is the top priority for guests.

2018 valentines day ideas for hotels

Promote on social media

A compelling social media campaign can work wonders to put your hotel before the eyes of prospective customers. Let your creativity flow using the various platforms available for marketing your Valentine’s Day social media ideas. Use the art of storytelling. Share content 15 days prior to the occasion and build up the interest using an appropriate mix of images, text, videos, and more. Let your guests know what’s expected and why your hotel is a must-visit this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what you can do for Valentine’s day hotel promotion:

  • Highlight your brand as the most romantic and premium destination for couples. The backdrop you create must be Instagram-worthy for a great visual impact
  • Use a hashtag to run contests and engage with the audience
  • Join hands with bloggers who have an excellent reach to run Valentine’s Day social media campaigns that improve visibility, attract guests, and increase bookings for your brand
  • Run a campaign that asks followers to share their story and win a night for two at your hotel
  • Create teaser videos that give a glimpse of what’s in store

Happy guests are more than willing to share their experiences on social media expanding your reach through user-generated content.

Tempt more to upsell

As more and more guests look forward to have an exceptional time, this is a fantastic opportunity to upsell as the purse strings loosen up. If your hotel is offering Valentine’s Day getaway packages, this is the ideal time to sell additional amenities. It’s easy to add a personal touch to your service for repeat guests. For e.g.: Include your in-house products (local wine, accessories from the in-house boutique or food products) as a special gift. This might tempt them to check out more from your store. Put together a welcome hamper that offers a ‘couple spa’ as a complimentary service to show your hotel’s uniqueness and the services it has to offer. This gently nudges guests to purchase more in the bargain.

Find the right avenues

You need to identify the right avenues to market your Valentine special hotel deals. As more and more people are turning to online bookings particularly on their smartphones, it’s important you run online advertisements to promote your hotel deals. Guests who shop online are often influenced by online ads. For this, you can bid for specific terms such as “Valentine Day Hotel Deals.” Check your existing database of emails stored in your property management system. Reach out to your existing members a couple of weeks in advance to outline what your hotel has to offer. Don’t forget to connect with your online travel agencies (OTA) to advertise your offers on their platforms. Display your hotel packages for Valentine’s Day prominently on the website. Apply the right keywords to increase your ranking and drive more traffic to your hotel site. Use mobile apps to push your notifications and updates to customers.

Valentine’s day is indeed an essential ROI-boosting opportunity to not only sell your services but build great relationships with your guests in the long run. We hope these Valentine’s Day ideas for hotels help you impress guests while maximizing revenue.

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2018 valentines day ideas for hotels