Key Work Areas and Features of Hotel Management Software Small Hotel Owners Need to Access
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Key Work Areas and Features of Hotel Management Software Small Hotel Owners Need to Access

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As a small hotel owner, you likely have a lot on your plate already. There's a lot to juggle - from managing staff to ensuring your guests are satisfied with their experience. One way to make your job easier is to Implement hotel management software. To be very precise - a cloud-based one. This powerful tool can streamline your operations, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the critical work areas and features of hotel management software you need to know about.

#Front Office

The front office is the heart of any hotel. It's where guests check in, check out, and interact with staff. With hotel management software, you can streamline these processes, making them faster and more efficient. 

Reservation management: This feature allows you to manage all your reservations from a single dashboard. You can see which rooms are available, which are booked, and which guests are checking in and out. You can also cancel or modify reservations based on guests' requirements here. 

Room inventory management: With this feature, you can keep track of your room inventory in real-time. You'll always know which rooms are available and which need to be cleaned.


A clean and well-maintained room is essential for guest satisfaction. With hotel management software, you can manage your housekeeping operations more efficiently. 

Room assignment: This feature allows you to assign rooms to housekeeping staff. You can see which rooms need to be cleaned and assign them accordingly.

Housekeeping status updates: With this feature, housekeeping staff can update the status of each room as they clean it. You'll always know which rooms are ready for guests.

Maintenance requests: If a guest reports a maintenance issue, you can create a maintenance request, assign it to a staff member, and track its progress.

#Point of Sale

If you have a restaurant, bar, gym, spa, or gift shop, you'll need a point of sale (POS) system to manage transactions. The in-built POS feature works in sync with the front office operations. 

Menu management: This feature allows you to manage your restaurant or bar menu. You can update prices, add new items, and manage inventory.

Sales reporting: With this feature, you can generate reports on your sales. You can see which items are selling well and which are not and adjust your menu accordingly.

Staff management: You can use POS software to manage your staff. You can assign roles, track hours worked, and generate payroll reports.


Managing your hotel's finances is essential, right? With hotel management software, you can streamline your accounting operations. 

Accounts receivable: This feature allows you to manage your accounts receivable. You can create invoices, track payments, and generate reports.

Accounts payable: With this feature, you can manage your accounts payable. You can create purchase orders, track payments, and manage vendors.

General ledger: It helps you track expenses, revenues, and generate financial reports.

#Guest Profile

Guests are the lifeblood of any hotel. With hotel management software, you can create and manage guest profiles. This is very important as it helps you understand your guests' preferences to serve them better. 

Contact information: This feature allows you to store guest contact information. You can see their name, address, phone number, and email address.

Guest preferences: With this feature, you can store guest room preferences. You can see if they prefer a particular type of room, food, and beverages during their past stays with you. 


Reports are the backbone for strategic decision-making for small hotel owners. This feature aggregates vast amounts of data from various hotel operations, translating them into actionable insights through a spectrum of detailed reports.

Reservation report: It provides insights into reservations by room type, including source, cancellations, no-shows, etc. This report is essential for recognizing trends, such as which rooms are popular, which are the most effective booking sources, and what rates yield the highest number of reservations.

Revenue report: It offers a daily breakdown of earnings by department and tracks actual, projected, and previous year's total revenue. It allows you to assess financial performance against budgets and prior year figures. Additionally, it includes cashier summaries, payment method breakdowns, point-of-sale revenue, and daily or monthly credit card transactions.

Occupancy report: It gives you a snapshot of room occupancy rates, clearly showing your hotel's capacity utilization. It helps understand peak and off-peak periods, enabling you to adjust pricing or promotional strategies accordingly. 

The need for user-friendly hotel management software like Hotelogix 2.5

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