Why Hotel Ambience Is Pivotal For Your Guest

Why Hotel Ambience Is Pivotal For Your Guest


– The contrast of the natural and artificial lighting

– The sound of waves crashing versus the hustle and bustle of nurses

– The fresh versus sterilized aromas and the warm breeze over the chilling stagnant air.

These elements blend together to create the atmosphere of each location, and one is obviously far more attractive than the other to the mind’s eye.

Similarly, the atmosphere of your hotel could be attracting or deterring guests to a great extent. Perception of the ambience in your hotel premises is based on the following;

– The lighting, décor, room arrangements, flow of the hotel and amenities all play a part.

– Find a style that is unique to your brand while still creating a warm, welcoming mood.

– Ambience is a sensory experience that doesn’t focus on just one element.

– The ambience or atmosphere of a location cannot be narrowed to one area or place, but it is the general feeling that guests feel when they walk onto the property.

– Hotels are looking to add character to their property through making it feel like home for their guests. One way to do that is to add small knick-knacks and ambient lighting to make the rooms feel less stylized and cookie-cutter.

– The ambience of hotels should be relaxing and allow guests to feel devoid of any worries.

– Hotels should aim to create an inviting environment, that add a level of luxury and a feeling of being pampered that is unmatched at home.

A smart hotelier will put a lot of thought into creating a perfect ambience for their property. A positive experience is often linked to the ambience, which is paramount for many guests to pay repeated visits to the same room, corner or table of comfort. The feeling of comfort and relaxation that the ambience creates will make your property a fast favorite. Once you put guests in a good mood through setting up the right ambience, they will be more receptive to your service and other exceptional features of your hotel.

Hoteliers often pay extra attention to recreating a magical and exquisite experience. Recreating that one perfect ambience requires a lot of time, attention and investment. Hotelogix’s PMS is that valuable property management tool that helps hoteliers to cut cost, save time, and solve management woes, whilst diverting it towards recreating the perfect ambience for your guests.