Our Favorite Women In Hospitality | Jasmin Metrillo, Hotel Durban

Rahul Das
Rahul Das

 Inspirational leaders in the hospitality industry

In her own words, Jasmin Metrillo entered the hospitality industry to overcome her shyness and lack of confidence. While pursuing her Hotel and Restaurant Management course, she took up a job at a fast-food chain where she first realized the joy and satisfaction of serving guests. From starting as a front office agent in 2005 to making her way up as the Manager of Hotel Durban in Philippines, Jasmin credits her personal and professional success to the hospitality industry.

Jasmin gets candid with us:

How did you start your journey in the hospitality industry?

I supported my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management by working in a fast-food chain. That was the very first time I got exposed to the real world of hospitality industry. As I served guests, I felt a sense of joyousness and satisfaction and I knew I was meant to be in this industry. I finished my degree in the year 2005 and got my first hotel job as a front office agent.

Inspirational leaders in the hospitality industry

Jasmin leads her team at Hotel Durban by example

What is the biggest challenge you faced in your journey?

We, Filipinos, have this attitude of supporting our family whatever it takes. In the year 2008, I had decided to work abroad and that was really hard since it was the first time I would’ve been away from home. What I kept in mind was that this journey was for my family as well – to give them a comfortable life, and that they were a part of my dreams and goals.

What inspires you?

Setting my dreams and goals in life keeps me going. Knowing the potential positive results of what I am currently doing inspire me to do more, to make my dreams a reality. And, this reality includes my family and the people that surround me.

Is there a woman who has played a role in shaping your career?

It has always been my Mom. She is my mentor and hero. Mom always told me “Believe in yourself, don’t be afraid – take the risks and you will succeed. So, I consider every trial as an opportunity for me to grow.” Moms know best. 🙂

What can we find you doing when you are not operating your hotel?

Being a family-oriented person, I love spending time with my daughter; creating happy memories together. Such moments help me relax after a long day at work.

Inspirational leaders in the hospitality industry

“My daughter is my stress reliever,” says Jasmin.

If not a hospitality professional, what would you have been?

I might have been an Engineer. I love constructing and developing things to turn my ideas into reality.

What is your advice to budding hotel professionals?

Be happy in everything you do and don’t be choosy about the kind of tasks you’ll do. Don’t complain, because everything happens for a reason. Being a hotelier is tough, so be extremely patient. Don’t ever think that you are just a doorman or just a housekeeper. You have a big role to play. Grab every opportunity that comes your way and you will succeed.

 Inspirational leaders in the hospitality industry