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Cloud hospitality solutions gain pace in the Middle East region. Are you ready to fast track your chain hotel's growth?


Cloud hospitality solutions gain pace in the Middle East region. Are you ready to fast-track your chain hotel's growth? | Hotelogix

Being a part of the industry, you must have noticed a spike in the adoption of cloud hospitality solutions, mainly multi-property management systems, among chain hotels in your area in the last several years. For those early adopters, it was easier to expedite growth, save costs & time, remain competitive, and better serve their customers. However, roll with us if you haven’t migrated to the cloud yet. You will have enough reasons to make that long-due strategic move.

Cloud is the way forward

Yes. This is right. Look at the statistics, and you will get a clear idea about how industries, including hospitality, are looking at the cloud.

  • The Middle East public cloud market stood at USD 2,660 million in 2020. The same is expected to touch USD 9,965 million by 2027.

Reasons for such upward trend

The apparent reason is the proven power and unparalleled business benefits of cloud solutions. Then there are several government initiatives, like the cloud-first policy introduced by the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, to ensure rapid transformation and achieve digitisation goals. However, we must give credit to the Covid-induced disruption that led to this notion – digitise or die.

Future of the hotel industry

Apart from 209 properties with 66,535 new rooms that are to be added to the ME’s existing inventory in 2022, another 91 hotels with 26,599 rooms are inching towards completion in 2023. The pipeline data looks robust as 160 projects will add another 48,901 rooms in 2024 and beyond. According to HVS, Dubai alone is getting ready to add around 31,000 hotel rooms between 2021 to 2025.

What does it mean for you?

It looks like you are in for a tough competition. With guests having several options to choose from, you will have to ensure that you have the right tool to stay attractive. To be very precise, it’s not about how you respond to two or three new hotels in your locality. It’s more about how you take care of the changing guest preferences. Adopting a cloud-based multi-property management system would be your stepping stone towards your chain hotel’s success while dealing with the competition and addressing guest requirements.

Save time and costs

A flexible subscription-based pricing model allows you to save more while significantly reducing your Hotel PMS ownership costs. You don’t have to invest in buying servers, setting up on-site IT infrastructure, annual maintenance, and having a dedicated IT team. Moreover, you will save more as your PMS vendor will take care of data security and provide you with free software upgrades. The comprehensive end-to-end process automation across departments reduces operational errors and saves your staff time. And time is money.

Gain mobility

Access the Hotel PMS on the go via a Mobile Hotel PMS App or on any handheld devices over the web. Keep track of all your properties and group position anytime and anywhere. Increase your and your staff’s overall capabilities to do more in less time.

Manage centrally

Centralised control is the most critical aspect of efficient chain/multi-property management. Manage all your properties with a single sign-on from a central location. Centrally gain access to property-level information to make informed decisions quickly. A multi-property management system with a central reservation system also allows you to manage bookings for your member properties from the central call centre in real-time.

Moreover, the Hotel PMS empowers you to access guest profiles from your properties centrally. Looking at those guest profiles, you can know their preferences and offer them the same when they visit any of your properties in the future. As a result, you get to exceed their expectations to win over their loyalty.

Oh yes, how can we forget about reports? When you adopt a multi-property solution, you are in control of accessing group-wide reports. Be it information for your member hotel or your group, centrally access whatever you want in real-time to make data-backed decisions.

Distribute efficiently

Without a robust distribution strategy, you won’t be able to sell more rooms via multiple sales channels. This is where a cloud Hotel PMS helps while seamlessly integrating with a cloud-based channel manager of your choice.

The integration ensures the real-time update of your room availability and rates on all the OTAs, metasearch engines, and even your proprietary website. This is the proven way to get more indirect bookings from OTAs and direct from your website while doing away with overbookings and double bookings.

Work with third-party cloud solutions

Another most significant advantage of a comprehensive and all-in-one Hotel PMS is its capability to integrate with a host of cloud-based third-party solutions to assist you with a 360-degree group hotel operations.

Work with a revenue management solution to change your rates corresponding to competitor pricing and local demand. Tweak your room rates based on length of stay to increase RevPAR. Whether improving your brand’s online reputation, setting up unlimited POS outlets, and handling accounting and finances – you can do it all with third-party solutions that cater to your operational needs.

Your search for a multi-property management system ends now

Hotelogix is one of the leading cloud-based hospitality technology providers that has been helping many chain hotel brands in the Middle East to grow big. Apart from delivering the benefits mentioned above, we have helped our clients comply with mandatory government regulations in that region. With us, it is a sure-shot way to realise instant ROI.

Here is an important announcement – we will be at HITEC Dubai at Booth 1C10 from 24-26 May 2022. We want to meet you to understand your group hotel’s technical requirements. Please fill in the form to book an appointment with our key people. We can also walk you through our multi-property management system.