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Cloud-Based PMS Works Wonders for Multi-Property Groups

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Cloud-Based PMS Works Wonders for Multi-Property GroupsHandling multi-properties is a surmount task. Even for a single property management, handling their staff solutions, guest inventory and services is a daunting task each day. One can imagine the extra help and magnitude of management multi-property owners should execute to take efficient control, management and monitoring of all their properties, at one go!

With technology steadily seeping into taking controls of the hospitality industry management, multi-property groups can now find a huge relief and solution by investing in a cloud-based hotel PMS.

Let’s evaluate the benefits that a multi-property owner stands to gain with a cloud PMS catering specifically to oversee multi-property operations;

1. Anytime, anywhere access

While handling multiple properties, it would be important to have access to all the properties at the same time, which can be easily achieved with a cloud-based PMS. A multi-property PMS can be accessed anywhere and evaluates your control over all your establishment at one go with remote access. All you need is internet backing, to help group management to survey, assess and analyze your multiple properties, at a single glance from a distance.

2. Reduce IT Infrastructure cost across the properties

With a cloud based PMS, you can do away with managing the huge servers and databases. You can also be relieved from the tasks of managing the complex IT infrastructure in your hotel hospitality management system. The management cuts back on cost incurred on hiring an IT-sound staff and other technological nitty-gritties. This simplified remote access technology that Cloud computing brings is easy to install, understand and manage with little or no technological pro-efficiency!

3. Easy access of all the properties

Gone are the days when owners with multiple properties were less knowledgeable and familiar with their multiple property management. The group managers/heads can literally have a virtual tour of the properties running on cloud-based PMS tailor made to manage multiple properties. It is similar to having an aerial survey of your property’s functioning at the touch of a finger.

4. High security of information

Security and confidentiality is the order of the day in any business. With the hospitality business running on trust and credibility of their guests, one cannot compromise on both their internal or external data at any cost. The big private Cloud provides to safeguard your information and all records, pertaining to all the properties efficiently and effectively with strong security architecture.

Surveillance of multiple-properties with a single presence in all properties is now possible with intelligent and innovative technology. Multiple-property groups can boost their confidence as ‘owners in total control’ of their respective properties and vast database. The security and vast controls of a cloud-based PMS is robust and simplified to install, control and manage.

Multiple-property owners have ensuing problems for the lack of being unavailable at all their properties at the same time. The secure remote access profile of a cloud PMS, solves the biggest challenges of a multiple-property management software. Hotelogix’s multiple-property PMS is an easy to understand, security boosted cloud based PMS, that can help you take control of several properties with more confidence and less hassles. Try up for your Hotelogix trial account and experience a refined multi-property management tool that works wonders for all your properties!