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Why NOW is the right time for chain hotels to adopt cloud-based Hotel PMS


Why should chain hotels adopt cloud-based Hotel PMS now?

Hotels across the globe are still reeling under the lingering effects of multiple lockdowns and travel restrictions. They have to deal with dwindling revenues due to loss of business and have to ensure daily operations with reduced staff that resulted from workforce restructuring. According to Hospitality Technology’s 2022 Lodging Technology Study, with shrinking revenues, over the last two years, their investment in IT has been meager – hovering around 2% to 3% of the overall revenue. Moreover, it also says that about 58% of hotels are looking at reducing the cost of managing technology in 2022. Such pressing issues can hamper their current digitization plan. These concerns can pose even serious threats to the growth and expansion plans of chain hotels. But what could be the solution? The answer is – a cloud-based Hotel PMS.

Let’s see why NOW is the right time to adopt a cloud-based hotel property management system to ensure your group hotel brands’ rapid recovery and accelerated growth.

Here are a few points about how cloud solutions can ease things for you.

Lowers the cost of Hotel PMS ownership

A cloud-based multi-property management solution is the best way to ensure considerable cost savings while not compromising the digitization process. As you just have to pay for the solution’s subscription cost and don’t have to invest in costly servers, dedicated IT teams, and AMCs, your IT overhead costs go down. You also don’t have to spend anything on data security as your technology partner takes care of this. Moreover, it is extremely easy for your new staff to work on the cloud-based Hotel PMS without you incurring further training costs. Now, is it not financially beneficial when budgets are a little tight?

Helps in efficient multi-property management

Yes, we are talking about having centralized control over member properties. Be it centrally accessing group-wide or property-level reports, guest history, managing bookings, or even managing travel agents and corporate clients’ profiles, it allows you to execute everything. You can also access the cloud-based Hotel PMS on your smartphone via the web. Such flexibility and mobility enable you to keep an eye on your group/property-level operations from anywhere and anytime.

Ensures a 360-degree hotel operation

When you adopt a cloud-based hotel management system, it becomes easier for you to work with other cloud-based third-party solutions. For example, it can seamlessly integrate with many solutions, including revenue manager, channel manager, online reputation manager, web booking engine, POS, etc. This can automate processes across all your departments – from the front office to the back of the house. As a result, you get to –

  • Tweak your room rates in response to demand, supply, occupancy, and competitor pricing for better RevPAR
  • Distribute efficiently on OTAs and metasearch engines for enhanced room sales and online reach
  • Increase your brand’s online reputation and ratings to attract more guests
  • Generate more direct booking for all your properties via your website to save on OTA commission
  • Manage in-house restaurants, billing, accounts, inventory, etc

Assists you in serving guests

See this – according to Hospitality Technology’s 2022 Lodging Technology Study, for 45% of hoteliers, enhancing guest room technology will be of primary importance in 2022. Many other trends also suggest that almost 70% of hotels plan to invest in the required technology to roll out several guest-facing amenities this year. The list includes contactless payment, mobile reservation, mobile check-in/out, mobile room key, and mobile apps to communicate with the hotel staff. Sitting at the heart of your hotel operation, a cloud-based Hotel PMS can integrate with the relevant platforms as mentioned above to help you stay focused on enhancing the guest experience.

Technology evolves faster due to changing market dynamics, operational necessities, guest needs, and other factors. That’s why you also need to embrace the right solution for your enterprise to realize faster ROI and desired business benefits while beating the competition. If that’s your business objective, then NOW is the time to make that move and get on to the cloud, as it can transform your hotel business with growth and agility.

​​Why should chain hotels adopt cloud-based Hotel PMS now?