CEO Update from Manila, Philippines

Aditya Sanghi
Aditya Sanghi


Our CEO Aditya Sanghi today sent a note to employees sharing his experience  during stay at “The Greenbelt Hotel” in Manila , that uses Hotelogix while on a business tour across Thailand, Philippines & South-east Asia.

Please find his note, posted in its entirety, below.


I am staying at The Greenbelt Hotel in Manila that uses Hotelogix hotel id 797. I am in room number 209, and the moment I entered the hotel late at night, the night shift front desk executive named Bennedict, thanked me for the system Saying … “Sir…. Hotelogix very nice!”. They have 2 front desks, both using Mac systems. The night manager Arman was very happy how quickly he is able to do The night audit. The MD of the hotel would be taking me out for dinner tonight.

At Greenbelt the front desk screen looks very beautiful with the tape chart painted almost in all parts of the screen.  The support and Engineering needs to take pride for what they have been delivering and really happy to see our clients love to use hotelogix.

I will keep this short and will send a few more pictures as I take them during the day. keep it up guys!