Become guest-centric with a user-friendly hotel management software
Guest-centric hotel how to create a guest-centric hotel contactless guest services

Become guest-centric with a user-friendly hotel management software

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Creating a guest-centric hotel isn't just about smiling at guests when they walk through the door; it's a philosophy that shapes every interaction, service, and amenity your hotel offers. The goal is simple - make every guest feel special from when they start booking to when they check out (and even beyond). In this blog, we will look at a few tips and tricks. Most importantly, we will see how a user-friendly hotel management software can help you in this. 

Let's dive into how you can transform your hotel into a guest-centric haven. 

Start with empathy

Empathy is your secret weapon. Understand your guests' needs, fears, desires, and the problems they might face. This isn't about guessing. It's about engaging with your guests, asking the right questions, and listening to their feedback. Whether a family traveling with young children needing a quick check-in after a long journey or a business traveler looking for a seamless Wi-Fi connection to prepare for a meeting, you must understand what they want from you.  

Offer personalized services

No one wants to feel like just another number in the system. Personalization can make your guests feel special and valued. Use data (wisely and ethically) to know their preferences, from room type to pillow choice, and even how they like their coffee in the morning. A small yet warm note wishing them on their special occasions can do the job for you. 

Invest in your team

Your staff is the face of your hotel, the frontline warriors who bring your guest-centric vision to life. Invest in training programs that cover the operational aspects of their jobs and teach empathy, communication skills, and problem-solving. Empower them to make decisions that can enhance guest satisfaction without running up the chain of command for every little thing.

Ask for feedback

Actively seek out feedback, both during the stay and after guests have checked out. It shows that you value their opinion and are committed to improving. More importantly, act on that feedback. If guests consistently mention in their reviews that the Wi-Fi is slow, make it a priority to upgrade it. Visible improvements based on guest feedback can turn occasional visitors into loyal patrons.

Become sustainable

An increasing number of guests are looking for sustainable options in their accommodations. Showcasing your hotel's commitment to sustainability through energy-efficient lighting, water-saving measures, and air quality or supporting local businesses can enhance your appeal to environmentally conscious travelers.

Invest in technology

This is very important as today's guest preferences are rapidly changing. See this - about 90% of guests like a hotel offering contactless services. In this context, you can invest in contactless guest service to allow guests to upload their documents to finish pre-check-in formalities using their smartphones. You can also let your guests check-in, unlock the door, raise service requests, make payments, and check out using smartphones. 

Adopt a user-friendly hotel management software

Adopting a Cloud-based Hotel Management Software or a Hotel PMS is another example of using technology to become guest-centric. It will let you cancel or modify reservations as per guests' preferences. For example, what if a guest wants to upgrade his room by paying extra? You must adhere to it, right? This is where a user-friendly PMS makes all the difference. It should allow you to easily access the relevant work area in the PMS to execute such tasks immediately. The faster you take care of guest queries, the happier they are. 

Wait. There is more to it. You can leverage the hotel management software to capture, store, and access guest information. It helps you keep track of guest data, their likes and dislikes to offer them what they want every time they visit your property. With comprehensive automation and easy-to-use features, you save more time daily to attend to guests' needs with a personal touch. Isn't it a great way to become guest-centric? We know you couldn't agree more. 

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Suppose you, too, want to create a guest-centric hotel by efficiently automating daily processes and executing guest-facing requests by quickly accessing key work areas. In that case, you need something like Hotelogix PMS V 2.5. It is the all-new version of our highly matured PMS trusted by over 12,000+ hotels in 100+ countries. With improved usability, this smarter, better, faster, and simpler hotel management software boosts your efficiency by about 60%. 

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