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Are you offering your guests a secure payment gateway?


Credit Card PaymentInternet theft is a common misdemeanour in this technological era, especially since so much of an individual’s data is readily available online. Nowadays, individuals enjoy the luxury of booking their hotels online, but they neglect the possibilities of their credit card details or other details being misused. Small and mid-sized hotels should ensure that they provide the assurance of the credit card details not being misused to their guests via an extremely simple solution: a secure payment gateway that can be integrated with the hotel’s booking engine.

Cloud based PMS & distribution systems offer hotels a secure payment gateway integrated with their PMS. Now there are 2 important factors to be noted; one is the payment gateway and the second is security!

It is extremely imperative that hotels, especially small independents offer payment gateways integrated with the booking engines. Payment gateways ensure that a guest’s booking is confirmed and doesn’t get lost in the numerous queries that a hotel gets. Then, issues such as lost bookings, double/over bookings and more become an issue of the past.

Hotelogix Payment Gateway

A payment gateway increases the chances of getting confirmed reservations. If you don’t provide a payment gateway to your guests, chances are that your guests might change their mind and get swayed away to other hotel’s websites.

The second factor is providing a secure payment gateway which will protect the credit card details by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. This will ensure that information is passed securely between the guest and the hotel and also between the hotel and the payment processor. Many PMS providers use the industry standard SSL encryption to transmit data, which ensures that the customer’s and the hotel’s data remains secure. This is the same technology used by banks and online trading companies.

SSL Verification

The SSL verification adds credibility and integrity to the hotels, which any hotelier knows, takes a long time to build.

For smaller hotels, it takes time to build trust and they should use all the tools possible to ensure that their guests feel confident as well as secure while booking with them. A secure payment gateway is an absolute must for hotels to compete in the global market; it provides ease of use to the guest as well as complete security for any details that they are required to share. It helps to enhance the standing and reliability of the hotel.


Hotelogix offers a secure payment gateway with the PMS