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Advantages of GDS


Advantages of GDS

Global distribution systems (GDS) have been a mainstay in the travel industry since travel agents began using the systems in the 1970s. The technology allowed agents to easily compare rates and amenities on one, easy-to-use interface. This connective service links buyers with hotels, airlines, and car rental services all in one system. Not only does this benefit the travel services and the travel agent, but the end-user as well. Having the complete itinerary in one place means easy access to alterations and a no-fuss travel day. Hotels find some of the most attractive feature of a GDS to be:

  1. Packages. Properties can offer bundled packages that include a hotel stay, air travel and other travel plans. This gives better rates to guests, which is always an attractive selling point.
  2. Marketing. If you want to gain better marketing exposure without shelling out for additional marketing costs, investing in a GDS is a wise decision. The system places your property in front of numerous clients without dipping into your marketing budget.
  3. Audience. GDS also reap the benefit of reaching untapped segments for your property. If you typically attract families, broaden your reach to include corporate travelers as well. GDS are a great source for corporate travelers and many businesses use travel agencies to book itineraries through GDS.
  4. Another perk that comes with a GDS is the ability to update product information in real time. As rates change, managers can easily alter price points or make special offers. Agents will immediately see these changes and will be able to suggest the new opportunities to clients without skipping a beat.
  5. Reduced Manpower. A GDS is the trustworthy middleman that can seamlessly relay information from point A to point B, so you don’t have to take hours out of your day to do so.

This little piece of technology saves time and will lead to greater exposure for your property. All the buzz surrounding GDS is worth looking in to. Check out the plethora of platforms available and see if one speaks to your property. After all, technology is here to make our lives easier – and what would be more welcome than a helping hand to boost your business?

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