Adopt Hotelogix cloud-based multi-property solution and go live quickly

Adopt Hotelogix cloud-based multi-property solution and go live quickly

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

As per our interactions with hotel groups, it is clear that most of them want to replace their existing on-premises solutions with today’s cloud-based solutions. But then, why is the adoption rate so slow, at least slower than expected? The reason – the fear of not being able to go live during the system migration process – from on-premises to the cloud. Their apprehension is not entirely wrong, as about 60% of them say that they have witnessed the same delayed transition issue in the past, making them postpone their cloud migration plan. If you are one of those hoteliers, this blog will help you overcome that worry. We will explain how a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS from Hotelogix, with multi-property management capabilities, can help you with this.

Before going deeper, let’s look at a few other issues that hoteliers like you face during the system transition phase:

  • The Hotel PMS System vendor doesn’t understand their requirements.
  • It doesn’t help them gain centralized control over their group operations.
  • The system doesn’t integrate with their preferred third-party solutions.
  • The implementation process takes longer than expected, hampering their go-live timeline.
  • Delay in adding new properties to the group and taking it live.

Let’s look at how those issues, as mentioned above, affect your hotel business:

  • You will lose precious time due to lots of back and forth in coordinating with the vendor.
  • Forced third-party integrations will not get you the desired result.
  • Your software ownership costs will go up with no clarity on the ROI.
  • It will affect your brand’s growth and expansion plan.

Now let’s move to the next level. We will look at how Hotelogix can help you with this.

We understand you

Yes. That’s right. It all starts with us paying attention to your requirements. We will talk to you to understand your hotel group’s current tech stack and your challenges around operations, distribution, etc. Most importantly, we must know what you expect from your investment in our cloud-based multi-property management system. This is the foundation of a mutually beneficial business association between your brand and Hotelogix. 

Smooth implementation

We start the system implementation process after receiving all the configuration and integration details. Our cloud-based multi-property management system is the first of its kind in the industry and is implemented remotely. It saves you and us significant time, as we do not need to travel to your property for on-site implementation. 

Remote training

This is another area that matters a lot to you. You need to be able to use our solution to the maximum extent to see the actual value of it. Your staff should find it easy to work on it as they are the ones who are going to use it day in and day out. That’s why we provide extensive training to your staff, and the best part is that we do it remotely. This, too, saves a lot of time for both of us as we don’t have to be at your property to carry out the training session. 

Once we have clarity on your configuration details, including setting up the number of rooms, room types, rate plans, PoS outlet, tax configuration, user details, importing future reservations, activating the Central Reservation Office (CRO), adding travel agent and corporate client details, customization, integration with hotel channel manager/revenue management solutions, etc., we start our implementation process. 

We don’t simply talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We have helped over 250+ hotel groups realize their desired goals with our multi-property management system. For example, see what Raid Abdullah, CEO of Mirada Group, in Saudi Arabia has to say about us:

“Hotelogix took all our properties live in only 20-25 days with staff training, putting all our apprehensions at rest about the go-live timeline. We thank Hotelogix for providing a robust technology platform to achieve our goal of managing 26 properties in the next couple of years.”

Need more convincing? 

Here is what Deepika Arora, Founder of India’s Rosakue Hospitality, has to say about us:

“With Hotelogix, it has been a breeze for us to plug in and integrate a new property as part of our corporate operations. We are able to go live with a new property within three days.”

Being in the industry for over a decade, we understand that adopting new technology could be challenging. By the time you decide on adopting a solution, you would have spent days researching, talking with vendors, etc., and would want to get over with the configuration and onboarding process to go live quickly. Now any delay in this will derail your business continuity and frustrate you. However, you don’t have to worry about all these with Hotelogix. Whether it is onboarding your entire group and taking it live or adding a new property to the group, we will make sure everything happens quickly.