ACE Makes It Easier Than Ever to Improve Hotel Staff Productivity

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

improve hotel staff productivity

While you might feel you have heard about automated learning in the past, there are constant innovations appearing, and only recently has one firm announced the use of its ACE or Automated Coaching Engine, which helps potential clients make the most well-informed buying decision possible.

Hotelogix offers one of the most robust, cloud-based Hotel Property Management Systems, and it is designed to automate the day-to-day and end-to-end operations of any hotel with great ease. While the software is a comprehensive package of modules that touch on all front desk operations, it is also meant to support online reputation, nurture revenue growth, increase the bottom line & lots more.

However, with the introduction of its ACE, hoteliers and their staff can quickly explore every possible way to improve productivity. Firstly, the ACE exists to enable a potential buyer to test drive all aspects of the software but does not just let them get behind the wheel and make the best of their access.

Instead, the ACE uses a wonderful rewarding system that shows the potential buyer each element and how easily it can be used even by minimally-trained staff. Consider that the software uses drag-and-drop reservation technologies, integrates with web booking features, allows for an array of payment and billing solutions, features a comprehensive list of 100+ possible reports, and even has options for reputation management, a mobile app, back-office functions,and more.

By enabling potential owners to test drive the software and see its potential, it also demonstrates the ease with which owners can enable staff to get trained, too.
And because it uses “in time” training, in which intuitive bubbles pop up and lead the user towards the next steps, it lets everyone learn by doing. This is a proven method for knowledge retention and ensures that all users are making the very most of the software.
How does that boost productivity in the hotel staff? Let’s look at a simple example to see how that might pan out.

A Day at the Desk

The front desk has to be seen as a window to the rest of the hotel. If the front desk staff seems awkward, fumbling, distracted or disconnected, guests notice right away. As an example of this, ask yourself about your last visit to a hotel front desk. Did the staff make enough eye contact, get the check-in process done easily and with a few clicks? Perhaps it was the opposite and they were so focused on getting your details and getting the check-in done that you felt like you were a bit of a burden or something less than positive?

When a guest feels like they have not been treated well, they are less likely to come back, and most guests make up their minds about that in the first few minutes at the front desk. Additionally, when guests are feeling less than enthusiastic about their experience at front desk, they are more likely to become annoyed by secondary matters, like a room in a less than perfect part of the hotel, a smaller space, and so on.

Customer service can be supported by technology and innovation, and that happens when the staff has access to software and other services that nurture their ability to deliver stellar and attentive care. Whether it is easily incorporating add-ons and upsells to offer personalized attention(additional meals or services, for example), or ensuring that the customer is the focus and not the process of handling the customer, you are better-off when push for increased efficiency and productivity.

And naturally, technology and innovation take some training, and that is where ACE comes to your rescue. By guiding your teams through the essential steps needed for their most relevant tasks, but also ensuring that they have a seamless knowledge of all uses of the software (and can go back to training whenever needed), it empowers your staff to do more.

Growing your business means delivering excellent guest experience, and that means easily and well-trained staff. With Hotelogix ACE, you can do just that. Hotelogix has made that connection and provides hoteliers and their staff with the tools needed to use technology to reach even their highest goals.

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