A cloud story

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

The Cloud impact

Cloud Impact on the hospitality sector is the evolution of a variety of technologies that have come together to alter an approach. Cloud applications continue to gain momentum in enterprise hotel solution applications as hoteliers’ are attracted to fast deployment speeds, low upfront costs, better utilization, reduced support need and ongoing flexibility. Today if you aren’t on cloud model, there is no easy way to expand operations to enhance the business. The SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model helps in streaming the costs and gives an increased ROI for the hoteliers.

A Trend in Hospitality

It is an observed trend that small and mid-sized hotels are opting for cloud based hotel software to manage their property. Mature markets like North America also remained influenced with this trend.

With backing of new investments, Hotelogix is looking to scale up the market thick and fast. Surveys taken by Hotelogix with its customers show that an increasing number of hotels businesses are adopting cloud solutions, largely due to the low barriers of adapting technology of costs and complexity and also the flexibility of anytime anywhere access. “65% of our customers have migrated from legacy systems to the Hotelogix platfor,” says Aditya Sanghi, CEO Hotelogix. IT analyst firm Focus reported that there is still 50 to 70 percent growth remaining for virtualization within businesses it surveyed. This trend is also reflected at the granular level.

Product Update

  • Hotelogix is now compatible with IOS devices and runs on iPad and iPhone. With our first release users can easily perform all basic functions related to front desk and POS. A new release is in works to make this compatibility more enhanced and function rich
  • New and Enhanced reports to provide better statistics and analysis under Reporting Module.
  • House count report with start to end date to give better picture of House.
  • Monthly summary can now be checked with Month to Date figures for better analysis.
  • Export Guest in house list to Pdf, Csv or excel.

Industry news

•        The latest buzz is that 2012 is predicted to have the highest record in usage of the social online market. Internet is a potent marketing tool that can be used to reach to a larger audience with more effect.

•        By 2016, half of the travel industry will be using social media as a way of generating revenue and bookings.

•        The next five years will see hotel values with annualized double digit growth.

•        There is a constant growing demand in luxury Health Travel, intelligent holistic Spa & Wellness concepts (for both Business and Leisure travelers). (Refer: Reseach by Robert Rauch-a veteran in hospitality industries.)

•        $150 Billion: The size of the Cloud Computing Market by 2013. This amount comes from a study done by Gartner.

Hotelogix in News

•        A seed investment of 1.2million dollars was received by Hotelogix from Accel Ventures, as the lead investor, whereas Blume Ventures and Mumbai angels being as co investors, thus entrusting in the vision of Hotelogix and strengthening the investor relation.


Featured Client

Think Properties a New York based property wanted a flexible reservation system. They needed something that could handle their complex booking style while remaining ‘user friendly’ and ‘easy to adapt.’ After the Hotelogix implementation, the results were phenomenal and think properties increased operational efficiency by 75%.



Did you know?

Hotelogix accounts with Xero. It is based by default on Accrual system. All monies received add a Liability for the services to be rendered, which subsequently get settles through the invoices raised.