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Don't CLOUD your mind, adopt it!
Imagine waking up from a year-long coma in the 21st century. Chances are that the world would seem like a different place. With the pace at which modern-day technology updates…

Must have Hotel revenue strategy for more profitability
For a hotel revenue manager, every day brings an awakening as there is no dearth of disruptive innovations that are constantly hitting the market. It could be a new term…

How to increase hotel direct bookings
Before we dig into the ways to increase hotel direct bookings, hope you’re convinced with the “Why of Direct Bookings”. If not, you can check this blog of ours…
Earn money from reviews

How your hotel can make more money from Online Reviews
Sure, you’ve heard the phrase ‘Customer is king’. While this holds true to all businesses, it has a whole different truth attached to it when it comes to the…
How Direct bookings impact hotel business.

The impact of Direct Bookings on your hotel
As a hotelier, you absolutely cannot ignore the importance and vast market size of OTAs when you plan to generate more bookings. After all, OTAs have been around for over…
enterprise grade cloud pms

To be or not to be! (At ITB Asia)
Trade shows are always fun, especially if you are exhibiting and not just visiting! ITB Asia 2018 has been no different. There is, of course, the thrill of meeting prospective…
customer journey

Following the customer journey! The ways of a traveller!
The significance of a customer’s journey has, in a way, been diluted in today’s digital age. With the landscape diversifying and the consumers inquisitiveness at its peak, searching…
alexa for hospitality

Alexa For Hospitality - A New Member of Your Hotel Staff
Once every few years, the world gets its hands on a piece of technology that really makes jaws drop. Of late this phenomenon has started to occur annually, keeping tech…
cloud hotel system

Give yourself the time to be a Hotelier - The Power of Hotelogix Cloud PMS
The dawn of the 80’s saw the rise of videos and the slow demise of the radio, which led to one of the greatest hits of that era, “Video…
advantages of cloud hotel PMS

How To Leverage a Cloud Based Property Management System For Your Hotel Chain
There has been a lot of talk about the pros and cons of on-premise and cloud-based Property Management Systems and have turned out to be the debate of the decade…